Lipidomics fuels research and progress in biotech and pharma, food industry, cosmetics and dermatology, as well as academic research.

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A cell contains thousands of lipids. Their interplay with genes, proteins and metabolites influences health and well-being. Lipidomics reports the precise lipid composition of a sample to fuel research and progress in all biology related fields.

Biotech and pharma | Food industry | Cosmetics and dermatology | Academic research

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Lipids in Multi Resistant Bacteria
Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

The development of new antibiotics alone is not believed to stop multi resistant bacteria. A new strategy is emerging.
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Lipid-based adjuvants in vaccines
Université Libre de Bruxelles

Adjuvants are added to vaccines to boost their efficiency, but the underlying molecular mechanisms used to be poorly understood.
Lipidomics in dermal drug development

Dermal drug development for SLS associated ichthyosis
Aldeyra Therapeutics

Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome (SLS) is a rare inborn error of aldehyde metabolism characterized by severe skin thickening (ichthyosis…
Lipidomics for the development of new moisturizers

Dry facial skin from different ethnic groups

Lipid analysis for investigation of photodamaged dry facial skin from different ethnic groups
A study about the skin penetration depth of phospholipids

Skin penetration of saturated phospholipids

Lipoid conducted this novel study to investigate skin penetration properties of dermal formulations based on hydrogenated phosph…
Early stages of drug discovery profit from lipidomics

Lipid analysis for early stages of drug discovery
Flagship Pioneering

Lipotype performed lipid analysis for Flagship VentureLabs with the aim to better understand molecular compositions of chondriso…
Lipidomics and diabetes prevention

Precision therapy and prevention of diabetes

RHAPSODY (“Risk Assessment and ProgreSsiOn of DIabetes”), a public private consortium funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiat…
Lipidomics analysis provides insights in nutrition research

Lipidomics collaboration for nutrition research
Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS)

Lipotype GmbH, a Max-Planck spin-off company and the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) collaborate to employ the innova…
Results of a clinical trial on Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome

Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome Clinical Trial Results
Aldeyra Therapeutics

Aldeyra Therapeutics, Inc., a customer of Lipotype, announced Phase II Clinical Trial Results
Lipidomics in cellular metabolism research

Cellular lipid metabolism and tissue development
KU Leuven, Rose E. Goodchild Lab

The group of Rose E. Goodchild from VIB Centre for the Biology of Disease (KU Leuven, Belgium) investigated the role of dTorsin…
Mitochondria lipid metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana

Lipid changes in Arabidopsis thaliana mitochondria
Hanna Janska Lab University of Wroclaw

The laboratory of professor Hanna Janska at the Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Wroclaw focuses on the role of mitochond…
Lipidomics of ER-plasma membrane interaction

ER-Plasma membrane contact site lipids
Yale University, School of Medicine

The De Camilli Lab at the Yale School of Medicine focuses on mechanisms underlying the dynamics and traffic of intracellular mem…
A dietary intervention study of blood plasma lipids

Blood plasma lipids in diet intervention studies
Prof. Pfeiffer, Charité & German Institute of Human Nutrition

Professor Andreas Pfeiffer, Director Endocrinology at Charité, Berlin and Head of the Department of Clinical Nutrition at the Ge…
Lipidomics revealed new insights into lysosomal storage disorder

Lysosomal storage disorder in HeLa cells
KU Leuven, Wim Annaert Lab (VIB)

The laboratory of professor Wim Annaert at the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) Center for the Biology of Disease, KU…
A large biomarker study of blood plasma samples

Blood sample biomarker study with 2000 patients
Lund University, Department of Clinical Sciences Malmö

Lipotype GmbH and Lund University perform study with blood samples of 2000 patients to identify disease related lipid biomarkers…
Yeast lipidomics for strain optimization in food industry

Yeast lipids for food, beverage and health products

Evolva discovers and provides innovative, high value, sustainable ingredients – in particular for health, wellness and nutrition…
Lipidomics in basic science for membrane research

Cell membranes and giant plasma membrane vesicles
University of Texas, Houston Medical School

The Levental Laboratory of Membrane Biology at the University of Texas – Houston Medical School focuses on membrane structure, s…


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