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Are mouse & lipidomics the perfect match?

The Lipidomics Webinar | Christian Klose

Mouse has shown a remarkable specificity of lipids in different cells, tissues, and organs. The mouse lipidomics atlas facilitates experimental design and interpretation in mouse studies.

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This session of “The Lipidomics Webinar” aired on October 19, 2021 and you can watch the recording here!

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Lipidomics is an indispensable method for the quantitative assessment of lipid metabolism in basic, clinical, and pharmaceutical research. It allows for the generation of information-dense datasets in a large variety of experimental setups and model organisms and is successfully applied in translation research.

Previous research, mostly conducted in mice (Mus musculus), has shown a remarkable specificity of the lipid compositions of different cell types, tissues, and organs. However, a systematic analysis of the overall complexity and variation of the mouse lipidome is lacking. Thus, we have investigated lipid compositions of different mouse organs and tissues and the effects of diet, sex, and genotype on the mouse lipidomes.

We provide insights into the organ-specific lipidomic variation. This analyses serve as a valuable resource for experimental design (for example for sample number estimation) and facilitate interpretation of lipidomic phenotypes in mouse studies, including time-dose or mode-of-action studies in pharmaceutical research.

Here is what you can learn

• Compositional complexity of mouse organs and tissues
• Qualitative and quantitative responses to interventions in different organs and tissues
• Phenotypic effects and their dependence on genotype and sex
• Level of potential for insights with translational value

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Your Hosts

Dr. Christian Klose, CTO of Lipotype, Speaker at The Lipidomics Webinar "Are Mouse and Lipidomics the Perfect Match?"

Dr. Christian Klose
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Lipotype

After receiving his PhD on membrane biology and biophysics, Dr. Christian Klose did a post-doc on MS-based lipidomics. In his role as CTO, Christian focusses on the development of novel lipidomics technology.