Lipidomics Analysis Service

Lipotype Lipidomics is the worldwide leading lipid analysis service and serves researchers
from all around the world.

What you will get

More Than 4200 Individual Lipids
Lipotype lipid analysis technology provides you with an ultra-broad coverage of lipids. Our services identify 66 different lipid classes (e.g. phosphatidylcholines [PC]) on the level of lipid species (e.g. PC 34:0) or subspecies (e.g. PC 18:0_16:0 + fatty acid information) – in total more than 4200 individual lipids.

Rich Variety Of Sample Types
From subcellular compartments, bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms to cultured cells, skin tapes, body fluids, blood and plasma, tissues and organs: liver, brain, etc. as well as oils and milk – we routinely cover a rich variety of sample types. Still, our services require only minimal sample amounts per analysis, e.g. 1 μL of blood plasma.

Insights In Days

Combining cutting-edge mass spectrometry with automated sample extraction, processing, and data analysis, Lipotype Lipidomics analyzes hundreds of samples per day. Our high throughput technology offers delivery of lipid analysis data and reports in as little as 2 weeks to provide you with insights in short time.

Comparable, Quantitative Data

Lipotype Lipidomics is GMP certified, robust, and highly reproducible1. We use lipid class-specific internal standards in every sample to deliver unbiased and direct quantification. Our methods allow us to provide results in absolute values, the basis to compare data of different samples and experiments.

1Michal A Surma, Ronny Herzog, Andrej Vasilj, Christian Klose, Nicolas Christinat, Delphine Morin-Rivron, Kai Simons, Mojgan Masoodi, Julio L Sampaio: “An Automated Shotgun Lipidomics Platform for High Throughput, Comprehensive, and Quantitative Analysis of Blood Plasma Intact Lipids.” 2015, European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology (doi: 10.1002/ejlt.201500145)

Results, Ready To Be Published

We turn your samples into comprehendible information. By default, you will receive lipid analysis data (pmol and mol% data for every sample) and reports with figures, ready to be published. With LipotypeZoom you can create and download custom graphs, heat maps, and principal component analysis plots. We also provide cohort comparisons, correlation analyses, and pathway analyses. Further, we are able to provide biological interpretation.

Research Project Support

We are molecular biologists, bio statisticians, physicians, biochemists, mass spectrometry specialists, bioinformatics experts, and lipidomics data scientists. We help you to find the answer to your research questions which is why we support your project from sample preparation to results interpretation.

From Concept To Conclusion

Lipotype Lipidomics was built to increase sample throughput, reduce workload through standardization, limit sample amounts to a minimum, and process data automatically. We designed our technology to make lipid analysis easy and affordable from concept to conclusion.

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