About Lipotype

Lipotype is the leading lipidomics service provider for every researcher.

We developed Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics to identify and quantify thousands of lipids in no time. Our mass spectrometry-based technology was designed to adapt to a rich variety of sample types to reflect the diversity of research.

Vision and philosophy

Our experience is based on decades of research on the role of lipids in cellular processes and on methodological aspects of lipidomics.

We are molecular biologists, bio statisticians, physicians, biochemists, mass spectrometry specialists, and bioinformatics experts. We are scientists who strive for better, faster and deeper comprehension of life and health through better, faster and deeper access to lipid data.

Our scientific curiosity drives us to keep upgrading our lipidomics technology and serve the scientific community on their avenues to the greater goal of life sciences: a better life.


Lipotype is a spin-off from the labs of Kai Simons and Andrej Shevchenko of the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics.


Lipotype Milestone 2012: Lipotype is founded by Kai Simons.
Lipotype Milestone 2012: Lipotype is founded by Kai Simons.

The Founding of Lipotype
Kai Simons gathers a team and founds Lipotype. They share a vision to provide researchers easy access to lipidomics data.


Lipotype Milestone 2014: Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics enters the market.
Lipotype Milestone 2014: Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics enters the market.

Market Entry
After two years of R&D, Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics enters the market and starts to serve scientists from academia and industry.


Lipotype Milestone 2016: Lipotype establishes an online shop.
Lipotype Milestone 2016: Lipotype establishes an online shop.

Online Shopping
Neither access to lipidomics nor to lipidomics services should be limited. In an unusual move, an online shop is added to the website.


Lipotype Milestone 2017: Lipotype Skin Lipidomics is released.
Lipotype Milestone 2017: Lipotype Skin Lipidomics is released.

Lipotype Skin Lipidomics
The skin’s lipid composition is essential for its function. The platform “Lipotype Skin Lipidomics” is released.


Lipotype Milestone 2019: Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics is GMP certified.
Lipotype Milestone 2019: Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics is GMP certified.

Certified Experts
Lipotype is the worldwide first and only officially GMP certified shotgun lipidomics service provider.


Lipotype Milestone 2020: Lipotype doubles its analysis capacity.
Lipotype Milestone 2020: Lipotype doubles its analysis capacity.

Doubling Down
After weeks of calibration, new mass spectrometers go live. The analysis capacity of Lipotype has doubled.

The founder

Kai Simons

Founder and CEO

Kai Simons is Emeritus Director of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and genetics and CEO of Lipotype GmbH in Dresden, Germany.

Kai Simons received his MD degree from the University of Helsinki, conducted postdoctoral research at Rockefeller University, and rejoined his alma mater as Principal Investigator in 1967. In 1975, he moved to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany, to start the Cell Biology Program, which became the focal point for molecular cell biology in Europe. After the turn of the millennium, Kai Simons moved to Dresden to build up the new Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics. This Institute is today an internationally recognized center in its area of research.

His recent research has focused on cell membrane organization and function. He has pioneered the concept of lipid rafts as a membrane organizing principle, based on the phase-separating capabilities of sphingolipids and cholesterol in cell membranes.

Kai’s colleagues say

For his contributions to cell biology, Kai has received numerous accolades, including lecturers from esteemed scientific societies and internationally renowned academic institutions, Doctor Honoris Causa and Honorary Professorships at multiple universities, and received diverse awards including, for instance, the Robert Koch Gold Medal, the Anders Jahre Prize, the Albert Wander Prize, the Schleiden Medal and the Runeberg Prize, and the Order of Merit of the Free State of Saxony. Kai Simons is a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. He was the President of the European Life Scientist Organization, and co-director of the Shanghai Institute for Advanced Studies of the Chinese Academy of Science.

His biotech experience includes co-founding the Biotech-Start-up Jado Technologies and membership in the scientific advisory boards of Biogen and Sanofi. With Lipotype, Kai Simons is now focusing on translating lipidomics and lipid analysis to clinical and industrial applications.

Kai’s colleagues say

Our Team

Leading experts from multiple disciplines: diverse backgrounds are what drives Lipotype and our services.

Dr. Oliver Uecke, COO of Lipotype
Dr. Oliver Uecke COO
Oliver‘s vita

Dr. Oliver Uecke holds a MBA and did his PhD in the field of technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and innovation management. As Chief Operating Officer, Oliver is responsible for business operations at Lipotype with a primary focus on business development, marketing & sales, and finances.

Oliver‘s colleagues say
Oliver likes to test his limits in the nature – hiking, rafting, climbing. No matter which weather, his children must join him.
Dr. Christian Klose, CTO of Lipotype
Dr. Christian Klose CTO
Christian's vita

After receiving his PhD on membrane biology and biophysics, Dr. Christian Klose did a post-doc on mass spectrometry-based lipidomics. In his role as CTO, Christian focusses on the development of novel shotgun lipidomics technology and is responsible for product development and regulatory affairs.

Christian‘s colleagues say
With Christian one could almost (literally) fly to space, enjoy a good wine and he will gladly share his joy about some fan mail.
Dr. Mathias Gerl, Head of Data and Statistical Analysis at Lipotype
Dr. Mathias Gerl Head of Data & Statistical Analysis
Mathias's vita

After receiving his PhD on lipidomics, Dr. Mathias Gerl investigated protein-lipid interactions. Now he is passionate about finding meaning in large datasets. As Head of Data and Statistical Analysis, Mathias leads the data analysis team performing statistical inference and predictive modelling.

Mathias' colleagues say
Mathias you can always trust and you can be sure that his analysis delivers. His favourite treat: dark chocolate with >90% cocoa.
Melanie Weber, Head of Laboratory at Lipotype
Melanie Weber Head of Laboratory
Meli's vita

Melanie Weber received her M.Sc. in biology. Starting as a Lab Technician at Lipotype, she became familiar with all laboratory equipment, operations and procedures. This knowledge facilitates Meli in her role as Head of Laboratory to maintain smooth processes from sample arrival to final report.

Meli's colleagues say
Meli is a well organized woman who loves shoes and sometimes she can't even stop working in her dreams.
Dr. Ronny Herzog, Head of Software Engineering and IT-Infrastructure at Lipotype
Dr. Ronny Herzog Head of Software Engineering & IT-Infrastructure
Ronny's vita

Dr. Ronny Herzog did his PhD in bioinformatics on software development for lipid identification from mass spectra. He is trained in a variety of programming languages and employs his skills as Head of Software Engineering and IT-Infrastructure to lead the development of novel software solutions.

Ronny's colleagues say
Ronny is a ‘Gersche Fettgusche’ and a passionate songwriter ('Liedermacher') who plays the ukulele with memorable virtuosity.
Anastasia Sidorenkova, Laboratory Technician at Lipotype.
Anastasia Sidorenkova Laboratory Technician
Anastasia's vita

Anastasia Sidorenkova obtained her M.Sc. in regenerative biology and medicine from TU Dresden. Right after her studies, she joined Lipotype as a Laboratory technician to strengthen the lab team. Her responsibilities include sample handling from preparation to analysis, and maintenance of lab space.

Anastasia's colleagues say
Anastasia doesn't judge a book by its cover but by its finale. If the end disappoints, who is she to waste time reading the story?
Caroline Dressler, Account Manager at Lipotype
Caroline Dreßler Account Manager
Caro's vita

Caroline Dreßler completed her master’s in microbiology. Her experience as application specialist in molecular diagnostics provided her with valuable capabilities regarding customer-orientated solutions. At Lipotype, Caro is responsible for industry customers in the field of biotech/pharma & food.

Caro's colleagues say
Caro is on fire when she digs into the scientific needs of a customer. Only one obstacle can throw her off the track: sweets!
Dr. Claudio Durán Cancino, Lipidomics Data Analyst at Lipotype.
Dr. Claudio Durán Cancino Lipidomics Data Analyst
Claudio's vita

Dr. Claudio Durán is a chilean bioinformatician with a PhD in computer science related to the creation and improvement of machine learning algorithms for the analysis of biomedical data. At Lipotype, he is involved in extracting as much valuable information as possible from lipidomics data.

Claudio's colleagues say
Claudio has legendary communications skills. He does not rely on a functioning mic during video calls but his gestures and mimics.
Dr. Chris Lauber, Lipidomics Data Analyst at Lipotype
Dr. Chris Lauber Lipidomics Data Analyst
Chris's vita

Dr. Chris Lauber holds a diploma and PhD in bioinformatics. His broad scientific interest is reflected by his involvement in lipidomics data analysis and machine learning projects at Lipotype and his research on viruses as an Assistant Professor for computational virology at Hannover Medical School.

Chris's colleagues say
Chris is a very pleasant person, ambitious but also funny and with the most beautiful hair at Lipotype.
Cyrus Papan, Senior Scientist at Lipotype
Dr. Cyrus Papan Senior Scientist
Cyrus's vita

Dr. Cyrus Papan received his Dr. rer. nat. in biology from the University of Cologne. After a postdoc- and a group leader position in MS-based metabolomics and lipidomics, he worked as support specialist. As Senior Scientist at Lipotype, Cyrus is involved in shotgun lipidomics method development.

Cyrus's colleagues say
There's a strong positive correlation between Cyrus's coffee intake and his scientific output. And he is drinking a lot of coffee!
Dr. Grzesiek Chwastek, Product Manager at Lipotype.
Dr. Grzegorz Chwastek Product Manager
Grzegorz's vita

Dr. Grzegorz Chwastek received his PhD in membrane biochemistry. He has extensive experience in working on various aspects of lipids including drug carriers, lipid-protein interactions, and membrane biophysics. As a product manager he shapes Lipotype’s portfolio to match the needs of our customers.

Grzesiek's colleagues say
Though shirt and tie are best Grzesiek's friends, don't be misled! He can easily relax by some Tango.
Henri Deda, Communications Officer at Lipotype
Henri Deda Communications Officer
Henri's vita

Henri Deda holds a degree in molecular bioengineering and co-founded multiple businesses. He is enthusiastic about customer centric digital marketing. At Lipotype, Henri employs his passion to support scientific progress by helping scientists better understand lipidomics and Lipotype’s technology.

Henri's colleagues say
With his super structured manner Henri not only manages to make Lipotype world-famous, but is also the girls' crush.
Ilyes Abdelhamid, Student Assistant Data Analysis at Lipotype
Ilyes Abdelhamid Student Assistant Data Analysis
Ilyes's vita

Ilyes Abdelhamid obtained a master’s degree in bioinformatics and does his PhD at TU Dresden where his research focuses on link prediction in complex networks. At Lipotype, Ilyes is responsible for lipidomics data analysis with a focus on predictive biomarker discovery.

Ilyes's colleagues say
Ilyes loves to be around people, is a big time rollerblading enthusiast and enjoys taking part in big events.
Ines Kästner, Finances and Accounting at Lipotype
Ines Kästner Finances and Accounting
Ines's vita

Ines Kästner holds a degree in economics and a MBA from Henley Business School. She looks back on 15+ years of experience in managing finances, controlling and business administration in biotech companies. At Lipotype, she is responsible for the operational financial management and controlling.

Ines's colleagues say
Ines is an expert on all administrative and financial topics. Her self-organization and efficiency are impressive.
Jeongeun Chae, Content Marketing Assistant at Lipotype.
Jeongeun Chae Content Marketing Assistant
Jeongeun's vita

Jeongeun Chae studied both biology and business administration in South Korea. After finishing her science master’s at TU Dresden, Jeongeun joined Lipotype as a Content Marketing Assistant. She is tasked with creating a wide variety of content for Lipotype’s social media, website, PR, and more.

Jeongeun's colleagues say
Jeongeun has probably the most names and side hustles at Lipotype, and refuses to call Korean food from German ingredients Korean.
Dr. Julia Froebel, Scientific Project Manager at Lipotype
Dr. Julia Fröbel Scientific Project Manager
Jule's vita

Dr. Julia Fröbel obtained her PhD in the field of protein trafficking and organization of membrane protein machineries. As Scientific Project Manager she is responsible for customer projects, supporting from feasibility assessment to results evaluation as well as internal R&D projects of Lipotype.

Jule's colleagues say
Jule can tell you many quirky words of wisdom - no topic can be too odd! Though, only if you can keep up with her running around.
Julia Schoener, Account and Operations Manager at Lipotype
Julia Schöner Project Lead Sales Process Optimization
Julia's vita

Julia Schöner holds a bachelor’s degree in financial businesses and a master’s in economics. She is passionate about implementing applications to improve customer experience. At Lipotype, Julia is involved in operational process development and continued optimization of the sales procedure.

Julia's colleagues say
Julia wrote her master thesis in economics but she deserves an honorary PhD for her great entertainment and contagious laughter!
Leonard Bügel, IT Administration Assistant at Lipotype.
Leonard Bügel IT Administration Assistant
Leonard's vita

Leonard Bügel is enrolled at the TU Dresden since 2019, where he studies Computer Science for his bachelor’s degree. He works mostly behind the scenes as IT assistant for desk support, but also performs other tasks like developing software for non-specialist applications.

Leonard's colleagues say
Leonard is a young and energetic fellow with a bright future in the IT sector. Although he prefers Windows over Linux.
Magda Sworowska, Lipidomics Data Analyst at Lipotype
Magdalena Sworowska Lipidomics Data Analyst
Magda's vita

Magdalena Sworowska holds a master’s degree in molecular bioengineering. Before joining Lipotype, she gained experience as field application specialist in the field of liquid handling. Magda is part of the data and statistical analysis team where she is responsible for lipidomics data analysis.

Magda's colleagues say
Magda is a dog lover and enjoys jogging in parks. She's an amazing team player and carries along a spare jacket for those in need.
Manuela Leveghi, Marketing and Sales Assistant at Lipotype
Manuela Leveghi Marketing & Sales Assistant
Manu's vita

After receiving her master’s degree in linguistics, Manuela Leveghi worked for a tourism enterprise. As Marketing and Sales Assistant at Lipotype, Manu supports customers regarding their sample shipment and also manages Lipotype’s presence at virtual and physical events.

Manu's colleagues say
Manuela is the colleague you need in turbulent times and her Italian soul has strong opinions on what deserves the name 'pasta'.
Maria Walesch, Technical Assistant at Lipotype
Maria Walesch Technical Assistant
Maria's vita

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in biotechnology, Maria Walesch started her work life at the labs of Lipotype. Maria is responsible for preparation, extraction and analysis of samples from Lipotype’s customers as well as maintenance of lab equipment and the lab itself.

Maria's colleagues say
Maria has a big heart, full of friendliness & laugh. It beats for animals and her biggest wish for Lipotype is our own Lipo-cow.
Markus Damm, Lipidomics Data Analyst at Lipotype
Markus Damm Lipidomics Data Analyst
Markus's vita

Markus Damm holds a diploma in computer science and wrote his thesis on enrichment analysis of lipidomics data. As Lipidomics Data Analyst at Lipotype, Markus is responsible for data analysis, improvement of data and knowledge access and storage as well as software development.

Markus's colleagues say
Markus is very good at problem solving! He always knows when to ask “have you tried to turn it off and on again?”.
Martin Richter, Marketing and Sales Assistant at Lipotype.
Martin Richter Marketing & Sales Assistant
Martin's vita

After finishing his studies in tourism management, Martin managed various projects at a touristic enterprise. As Marketing and Sales Assistant at Lipotype, Martin utilizes his down-to-earth mentality to master both logistics of sample shipment and organization of Lipotype’s events.

Martin's colleagues say
Martin travelled the world and the seven seas. He is a real adventurer and literally stranded on a, though not deserted, island!
Dr. Nicolas Froelich, Lipidomics Data Analyst at Lipotype.
Dr. Nicolas Frölich Lipidomics Data Analyst
Nicolas' vita

Nicolas Frölich studied statistics at TU Dortmund. Afterwards, he joined TU Dresden as a research associate. He taught students in econometrics and statistics, and developed new statistical methods. At Lipotype, he is responsible for analyzing lipidomics data sets by using state-of-the-art methods.

Nicolas' colleagues say
Nicolas is the proud owner of not only the world's best coffee mug but also the world's second best!
Rica Kaden, Team and Management Assistant at Lipotype
Rica Kaden Office Manager
Rica's vita

Rica Kaden finished her vocational training in tourism in 2016. As Office Manager, Rica is the right-hand (wo)man of Lipotype. She maintains full working days well organized, supports accounting, improves the office software infrastructure and employs her tourism training for business trip planning.

Rica's colleagues say
With her beautiful voice and her passion for music, Rica delights the Lipotype team with tremendous birthday songs and videos.
Thea White, Account Manager at Lipotype
Thea White Account Manager
Thea's vita

Thea White finished her vocational training as an intellectual property specialist in Washington DC. Having diverse work experiences with various clients from around the world, Thea utilizes this knowledge to effectively liaise between academia customers and the Lipotype team.

Thea's colleagues say
Thea is a beacon of socializing, commands a fabulous arsenal of anecdotes, and is a fierce advocate of the oxford comma.
Dr. Veronika Piskovatska, Account Manager at Lipotype.
Dr. Veronika Piskovatska Account Manager
Veronika's vita

Dr. Veronika Piskovatska received her PhD in molecular medicine. After her doctorate she started her career in life science sales and marketing. At Lipotype, Veronika is passionate about understanding the goals of her customers and empowering their discoveries on the front line of lipid research.

Veronika's colleagues say
Veronika is so organized, her flat is ready before she moves in. Yet she is not afraid of the whirling energy of Lipotype parties.