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The Lipidomics Webinar | Olya Vvedenskaya

Cardiovascular diseases are linked to changes in lipid metabolism. Lipidomics helps assess cardiovascular disease risk.

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This session of “The Lipidomics Webinar” aired on December 12, 2023 and you can watch the recording here!

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During this webinar, we will talk about the role of the lipidome in risk prediction and differential diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. The webinar will start with a general introduction to cardiovascular diseases. We will then talk about using lipidomics to differentiate between various cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. Further, we will discuss the pivotal role lipids play in cardiovascular disease risk prediction in addition to the routinely measured clinical parameters and explore the role of multiomics in the prediction of cardiovascular risk development. Finally, we will review the application of lipidomics to translational heart failure research in mice and humans.

Here is what you can learn

• Lipidomics data for CVD differential diagnosis
• Lipidomics risk score for CVD risk estimation
• Multiomics analyses for risk factors discovery
• Translational lipidomics applied to heart failure

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Dr. Dr. Olya Vvedenskaya, Scientific Communications Officer at Lipotype, Moderator at The Lipidomics Webinar "Exploring Skin Lipidomics & Ceramide Analysis for Skin Research".

Dr. Dr. Olya Vvedenskaya
Sci. Communications Officer at Lipotype

Dr. Olya Vvedenskaya earned both her MD and PhD in the application of mass spectrometry to translational medicine. Olya ensures that all scientific advances from Lipotype reach an interested audience.