Juggling Career, Motherhood, and Sports while being a Data Scientist

As you ponder over the question of what diapers, dumbbells, and programming languages could possibly have in common, you might come up with numerous answers – easy peasy! For Magda, the most crucial similarity is that they are all essential parts of her life. In this post, we’ll delve into Magda’s remarkable journey and explore how she managed to carve out a successful career as a data scientist while juggling the responsibilities of being a working mother and sports enthusiast.

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Kimjang Party at Lipotype: Sharing the Flavors and Traditions of Korean Culture through Kimchi-Making!

If you haven’t tried kimchi yet, you’re missing out on a staple of Korean cuisine that’s gaining popularity worldwide! But for Jeongeun, a Korean native living in Germany, it’s not just the tangy, spicy taste of kimchi that she misses. Rather, it’s the culture of making and sharing Korean food that has her feeling nostalgic. Despite living abroad for years now, Jeongeun still yearns for the communal experience of preparing and enjoying this beloved dish with her loved ones.

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The Word of Mass Spectrometry: WoMS

As a science enthusiast, you may find yourself confined to the lab with limited opportunities to showcase your skills. Fortunately, Females in Mass Spectrometry and Lipotype have collaborated to offer a program that provides a platform for early career researchers to explore the world of scientific communication and marketing.

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Advancing Your Career: Meet Marta Vicini

Marta’s love for science was matched only by her desire to see it put into action. She was determined to take her knowledge out of the classroom and into the real world, and that’s why she chose to undertake her master’s thesis project with Lipotype – the perfect opportunity to turn theory into practice. What would she discover? What new frontiers would she explore? The possibilities were endless, and Marta was ready to embrace them all. We would like you to meet Marta Vicini, a student assistant at Lipotype.

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