The Lipidomics Webinar

We all know that genes and proteins are important in biological research. But what about lipids? Lipidomics has proven its usefulness in many studies, but still a lot of scientists do not know about lipidomics and have no clear picture of how it will benefit their research. Hence, we newly launched a webinar series, The Lipidomics Webinar. We want to talk about how lipidomics, along with other omics studies, are revealing things we haven’t seen before. We are thrilled to share our knowledge and expertise that we have accumulated through years of research and collaboration in the field of lipidomics. We expect to bring together a diverse group of scientists at the forefront of biological research areas.

What is it about?
This webinar series is for everyone in the research field, from students to researchers with decades of experience. We provide a lot of our know-how and A to Z about lipidomics, from basic and simple explanations to data analysis, cohort study, model organisms, etc. Join our webinar for free and see what insights lipidomics can bring to your research. We are also open to suggestions in the selection of topics. Please feel free to tell us anything you would like to know more about.

What can I expect?
Webinars will be held online via Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world. In addition to the presentation (about 35 minutes), there is a Q&A session where the speakers answer questions. It is also possible to send your questions to us prior to the webinar. In the future, we plan to invite more external speakers, and it will always be free of charge.

When does it take place?
The upcoming webinar information can be found on our website or on our social media (Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).


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