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Join Dr. Zbinden at GRC: Molecular Membrane Biology Conference in Andover, NH

We are happy to announce we will be attending the Gordon Research Conference for Molecular Membrane Biology from June 16th to the 21st. We’re excited to share our passion for lipid biology with the other attendees and hear about the cutting-edge research being done by the community! Our US representative, Dr. Mark Zbinden, would be happy to connect with anyone interested in learning more about Lipotype’s services and technology.

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Kimjang Party at Lipotype: Sharing the Flavors and Traditions of Korean Culture through Kimchi-Making!

If you haven’t tried kimchi yet, you’re missing out on a staple of Korean cuisine that’s gaining popularity worldwide! But for Jeongeun, a Korean native living in Germany, it’s not just the tangy, spicy taste of kimchi that she misses. Rather, it’s the culture of making and sharing Korean food that has her feeling nostalgic. Despite living abroad for years now, Jeongeun still yearns for the communal experience of preparing and enjoying this beloved dish with her loved ones.

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