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Dermal drug development for SLS associated ichthyosis

Lipotype put online a new biotech & dermatology customer reference with Aldeyra Therapeutics about lipid analysis for topical dermal drug development for the treatment of ichthyosis associated with SLS.

The project in short
Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome (SLS) is a rare inborn error of aldehyde metabolism characterized by severe skin thickening (ichthyosis), retinal disease, and neurological dysfunction. As of today, no therapy that addresses SLS has been approved. Aldeyra Therapeutics has conducted a Phase 2 randomized, parallel-group, double-blind, vehicle-controlled, multi-center clinical trial of topical dermal reproxalap for the treatment of ichthyosis associated with SLS. The results of the trial demonstrated clinically meaningful and statistically significant improvements of SLS skin symptoms of patients after only eight weeks of treatment. A multi-center Phase 3 clinical trial is ongoing.

What Lipotype did
Lipotype Shotgun Skin Lipidomics provided Aldeyra Therapeutics with lipid analysis of skin samples for identification of relevant lipid biomarkers in the Phase 2 clinical trial. Results of the skin lipidomics analysis delivered evidence for a correlation between clinical effects and those skin lipid biomarkers. Consistent with the clinical activity of reproxalap, significant dermal biomarker changes were noted in reproxalap-treated patients but not vehicle-treated patients. Cholesterol, which is significantly elevated in the skin of SLS patients, was reduced in reproxalap-treated patients more than in vehicle-treated patients.

About Aldeyra Therapeutics
Aldeyra Therapeutics is a biotechnology company devoted to improving lives by inventing, developing, and commercializing next-generation medicines that treat immune-mediated and metabolic diseases. Aldeyra’s lead product candidate, reproxalap (formerly called NS2), is a small molecule RASP (Reactive Aldehyde Species) inhibitor in Phase 3 clinical development for the treatment of dry eye disease, allergic conjunctivitis, noninfectious anterior uveitis, and Sjögren-Larsson syndrome. With its focus on a carefully selected range of diseases, Aldeyra Therapeutics is devoted to improving lives through outstanding innovation.

Find the full customer reference

Customer reference Aldeyra Therapeutics: lipid analysis for topical dermal drug development for the treatment of ichthyosis associated with SLS

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New White Paper “Unlocking the Power of Multiomics”

Multiomics approaches harness synergies and eliminate shortcomings to effectively deliver what one omics science alone cannot achieve. Lipotype’s new white paper “Unlocking the Power of Multiomics” highlights why combining genomics with lipidomics makes for a great omics pair.

Genomics for genes, lipidomics for lipids
Being major players in cardiovascular disease research, genomics and lipidomics are perfectly suited for a joint multiomics approach. It matches the capacity to identify genetic predestinations with one or multiple snapshots of the lipid metabolic status.

Linking genotype with phenotype will be critical when it comes to clinical diagnostics and to the goal of identifying the onsets of a disease.

From genotype to phenotype: interconnected disease risk factors
In this study, a large number of SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms) from genomes was drawn. They were then correlated with corresponding lipid species levels from human blood plasma. The blood plasma has been analyzed with Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics technology. The most important findings are the following.

First, the heritability of lipid species levels was quantified from the SNP correlations. Second, genetic predispositions influencing lipid species levels provide useful information for cardiovascular disease risk predictions. And third, lipidomics yields greater statistical power to identify SNPs with direct roles in lipid metabolism. Lipidomics outperforms traditional lipid panel measures used in clinical routine.


Lipotype White Paper: Unlocking the Power of Multiomics

Press release: Unlocking the Power of Multiomics – Lipotype releases new Multiomics White Paper

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Farther than fat – Lipidomics in biotech/pharma

Lipotype contributed to an article about lipidomics in biotech and pharma on Technology Networks.

The article in short

Interest in lipidomics has been reignited for both, academia and industry. To cope with that, the article sums up various aspects, developments and differences in lipidomics technology. Such as Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics technology.

Dr. Christian Klose, Head of Research and Development at Lipotype, had been interviewed to explain how to address the needs and questions of academia and industry. In the end, two researchers from academia and he give brief insights into the future of lipidomics. Both, research- and technology-wise.

Read the full article

Lipidomics in Biotech and Pharma: Farther than Fat
Ruairi J Mackenzie

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Technology Networks is an online scientific publication platform. Their articles and reviews provide insights into the latest research, industry news, and technologies. Covering a wide bandwidth of scientific communities, they provide detailed coverage of analytical chemistry, life sciences, drug discovery, and neuroscience. As they enable readers to easily find reliable, digestible, and high-quality content, Technology Networks draws the attention of researchers on the science that matters to them.

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Lipotype’s customer Lyomark Pharma announces partnership

Lyomark Pharma, a customer of Lipotype, announces a partnership with Aerogen Pharma to develop an inhaled surfactant for the treatment of preterm infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS). At the same time clinical trials with the new delivery system have been initiated and the first patients have been recruited. Read more in the press release of Lyomark and Aerogen:

Read more in the press release of Lyomark and Aerogen here:
Aerogen Pharma and Lyomark Pharma partner to develop inhaled surfactant, begin a Phase 2 clinical trial

Lipid analysis for early stages of drug discovery: Customer Reference Flagship VentureLabs

Lipotype performed lipid analysis for Flagship VentureLabs with the aim to better understand molecular compositions of chondrisomes, pharmaceutically active derivatives of mitochondria. The research of Flagship VentureLabs is on novel ways of preparation of chondrisomes that have beneficial structural characteristics, yield, concentration, stability, viability, integrity, or function. The lipidomic results facilitated the characterization of isolated chondrisomes in order to evaluate their quality and subsequently were used to file a recently published patent application.

Read more  

Read the patent application here
Methods and Compositions of Chondrisomes – United States Patent Application 20170151287, 2017
G A Von Maltzahn, J M Milwid, M Mee, J R Rubens, D Chess, K Trudeau, K Mahdaviani, J Feala