The Lipidomics Webinar

Since September 2021, we have been running a total of 9 webinars.

The Lipidomics Webinar scopes from the introduction given by Prof. Dr. Kai Simons to mouse lipidomics, cohort study, lipidomics data analysis, yeast lipidomics, tissue lipidomics, obesity pandemic, membrane, and neurodegeneration. This webinar series encompass lipidomics from various perspectives and provided insights across numerous research fields. As a leading company in lipidomics and lipid analysis, Lipotype is more than happy with this opportunity to share our accumulated knowledge with the scientific community.

Check out previous webinar records below and discover our commitment to better lipidomics and a better life.

The Lipidomics Webinar
Lipids Are Cool Again – Prof. Dr. Kai Simons

Mouse Lipidomics: the Perfect Match? – Dr. Christian Klose

Why Population Health Studies Must Run Lipidomics – Dr. Christian Klose

How to Make Sense of Lipidomics Data – Dr. Mathias Gerl

How to Yeast Lipidomics Research – Dr. Christian Klose

Shotgun Lipidomics of Tissue Biopsies – Dr. Andrej Shevchenko

What Have Lipids to Do With the Worst Pandemic Ever? – Prof. Dr. Kai Simons

Composition, Organization and Function of Membranes – Dr. Ilya Levental

Role of Lipids in Central Nervous System Regeneration – Dr. Mikael Simons

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