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Meet the Lipotype team until the end of 2017!

02.-06. December 2017
 ASCB 2017, Philadelphia, USA 
We will attend ASCB 2017! Come and visit us at our booth 1100!

Or attend the Tech Talk of Dr. Michal Surma  on the 4th of December at 8:15am about Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics technology for comprehensive, high throughput lipid analysis located in Theater 2.


12.-14. November 2017
 3. Lipidomics Forum, Borstel, Germany 
We will be poster price sponsor of this lipidomics event just as last year. Dr. Ronny Herzog, Head of Software Development, will announce the winner of the best poster. 


06.-08. November 2017
Bio-Europe, Berlin, Germany 
Dr. Oliver Uecke, Head of Business Development and Finance and Dr. Christian Klose, Head of Research and Development, will attend the 23rd Annual International Partnering Conference. Contact us for an one-to-one Meeting!


23.-25. October 2017
24th Conference of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, Seoul, South Korea
Lipotype will be present at the IFSCC 2017.Come and visit us at booth #24! Dr. Christian Klose, Head of Research and Development, will give a presentation about A high-throughput Shotgun Lipidomics Technology for the quantitative analysis of tape-stripped human stratum corneum lipid profiles


17.-18. October 2017
Bionection, Jena, Germany
Lipotype will be present at Bionection in Jena. Watch out for the lipidraft


If you want to schedule an individual meeting drop us a line


The Lipid Raft

Join the lipid revolution and raft with us

The Lipid Raft


We’re happy to introduce you to the first and only ’Lipid Raft!’, which is now officially part of Lipotype’s Marketing activities. We use The Lipid Raft! to represent the existence of rafting lipids in our cells, which float around in the lipid bilayer and function as dynamic platforms in many cellular processes.

Just two weeks ago, Kai Simons, founder and CEO of Lipotype, received the Robert Koch Medal in Gold for his impressive lifetime achievements, in particular for his characterization of membrane-forming lipids and the development of the Lipid Raft Model.

If you want to know more about rafting lipids and how our service can provide you with high quality lipid analysis  click here



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If you simply want to go rafting with us drop us a line at  TheLipidRaft@lipotype.com

The Lipid Raft! in real is actually a packraft from our official and exclusive collaboration partner at Packrafting-Store