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Ceramide analysis in moisturizer research

Moisturization has taken center stage in skin care research and product development for decades. New remedies for dry skin have entered and left the shelves of drugstores. Still, dry facial skin remains a major concern for consumers. Though skin biology is central to develop reliable moisturizers, researching the impact of the skin’s molecular profile has been lacking. Skin lipidomics is changing this.

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Largest skin lipidomics study provides a basis for personalized cosmetics

The largest lipidomics study to date analyzing skin lipids in more than 250 skin samples has been published in “Scientific Reports” (Sadowski T. et al. “Large-scale human skin lipidomics by quantitative, high-throughput shotgun mass spectrometry.” Scientific Reports 2017, doi: 10.1038/srep43761). The study applied a novel Skin Lipidomics Technology Platform developed by Lipotype GmbH, a German Max-Planck-Institute spin-off.

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Novel skin lipidomics for cosmetic and dermatological applications

Lipotype GmbH, a German Max-Planck spin-off company, launched its novel Lipotype Shotgun Skin Lipidomics Technology and offers lipid analysis services for applications such as cosmetic claim support, topical drug development, efficacy testing for dermatological pharmacology and the cosmetic industry.

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