Lipotype’s Participation in the Cell Bio 2023 in Boston

Lipotype, a leading lipidomics service provider, is participating in the upcoming American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) meeting in Boston from December 2nd to 5th, 2023. This prestigious gathering of researchers, scientists, and industry leaders offers a unique opportunity for Lipotype to unveil its cutting-edge technologies and engage with the scientific community.

Lipidomics Analysis
Attendees of Cell Bio 2023 are invited to experience the forefront of lipidomics analysis by visiting Lipotype’s Booth #744. Here, Lipotype will showcase advanced technologies that promise to reshape the landscape of lipid analysis, providing researchers with unprecedented insights into cellular and molecular processes.

Meet the Experts at Booth #744
Lipotype’s Booth #744 will host experts in the field, including Sales Process Optimization Manager, Thea White, and US Account Manager, Dr. Mark Zbinden. This is a prime opportunity for attendees, whether seasoned researchers or newcomers to lipidomics, to engage with the experts, gain insights, and explore potential collaborations.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation
Lipotype is enthusiastic about actively participating in Cell Bio 2023, contributing to discussions, and fostering collaborations within the lipidomics community. Attendees are encouraged to arrange dedicated meetings with Lipotype’s experts by contacting Ms. Thea White at or Dr. Mark Zbinden at

About Lipotype
Lipotype stands at the forefront of lipidomic analysis, offering state-of-the-art solutions to researchers and scientists across diverse fields. Committed to advancing lipid research, Lipotype continues to drive innovation and deepen our understanding of lipid biology.

Save the Dates
Event: Cell Bio 2023 – An ASCB | EMBO meeting
Booth: #744
Dates: December 2nd to 5th, 2023
Location: Boston, MA

Lipotype looks forward to welcoming attendees at Booth #744, where groundbreaking lipidomic analysis meets scientific collaboration.

1 – Cell Bio 2023

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