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We combine lipidomics technology with decades of lipids expertise to deliver you convincing results.

The broadest lipid coverage
From storage lipids to membrane lipids and signaling lipids, Lipotype Lipidomics analysis offers the broadest coverage of lipids. Our lipidomics laboratories identify and quantify 100+ lipid classes, in total more than 4200 individual lipids.
We can work with all samples
From organelles, bacteria, yeast, and other microbes to animal cells, tape stripped skin, body fluids, blood and plasma, tissues and organs (liver, brain, etc.), oils, milk, and far more – our untargeted and targeted lipidomics services can be applied to all biological samples.
Minimal sample amounts
Our mass spectrometry-based Lipotype Lipidomics analysis requires only minimal sample amounts per analysis. For example: our lipidomics laboratories can perform measurements of 1 µL of blood plasma.
Get your results fast
We have developed a high throughput workflow for thousands of samples per week. Our lipidome analysis automation increases reproducibility and offers you to get your lipidomics analysis results in as little as 2 weeks.
Project design guidance
Depending on your sample and research needs, we recommend you the ideal Lipotype Lipidomics platform and sample preparation protocol, and perform lipid extraction for you in the Lipotype laboratories.

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Our Expertise

A worldwide unique team of biologists, biochemists, MS specialists, and data scientists.

Reliable data quality control
Lipotype Lipidomics analysis is robust, reproducible, and GMP certified. We use internal standards in every sample, and can quickly detect sample collection and storage related quality issues.
Lipidomics and lipids expertise
Lipotype Lipidomics analysis leverages decades of lipids biology expertise from esteemed academic institutions (EMBL, Max-Planck, etc.), industry and medical research. We continue to develop our technology further to provide you with the best solution tailored to your specific research question.

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on July 24, 2024

Lipotype lipid analysis has been published in PNAS, Science, Cell, and other high impact journals.

All publications with Lipotype lipid analysis

Publication Counter


on July 24, 2024

Lipotype lipid analysis has been published in PNAS, Science, Cell, and other high impact journals.

All publications with Lipotype lipid analysis

Your Results

Our lipidomics analysis reports help you understand complex lipid data sets.

Standard Report
The standard report contains your quantitative lipidomics analysis data (pmol and mol% data for every sample), graphs about the analysis quality, a lipid class profile, and a standard principal component analysis.
Extended Report

The extended report contains further go-to lipid data analyses and figures, and encompasses an ANOVA test to quickly show you what part of your lipidome data is specifically interesting.

The extended report also comes with LipotypeZoom, a lipidomics data exploration tool. Use LipotypeZoom to curate and download your data. Make your data fit your research question!

Statistical Report
Our statistical report contains custom statistical tests to answer your questions. Cohort comparisons, correlation analyses, feature and pathway enrichment analyses – you name it, we do it for you.

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We generate your data, statistics and reports.


You receive your reports and your lipidomics data.

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    Pietro De Camilli

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    Olga Ramich

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    Julie Jacquemyn

    University of Alberta
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    Ilya Levental

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    Christopher J Stefan

    University College London
  • Lipotype is truly dedicated to supporting scientists in their research.



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