Lipotype Lipidomics is the worldwide leading lipid analysis technology.

What you get

More Than 4200 Individual Lipids
Our services identify 66 different lipid classes ranging from membrane, and signaling lipids to storage lipids – in total more than 4200 individual lipids.

Rich Variety Of Sample Types
From subcellular compartments, microbes, cultured cells, blood plasma, tissues and organs, as well as oils and milk – we can analyze all biological samples, but require only minimal sample amounts per analysis.


Fast Delivery
Our high throughput technology offers delivery of lipid analysis data and reports in as little as 2 weeks.

High Data Quality
Lipotype Lipidomics is GMP certified, robust, and highly reproducible. We deliver unbiased and direct quantification.

Lipid Research Expertise
We are molecular biologists, mass spectrometry specialists, and lipidomics data scientists. We help you to find the answer to your research questions.


Lipidomics for All Scientists
Lipotype Lipidomics was designed to make lipid analysis easy and affordable for every researcher.

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