Who are we? – Lipotypers in numbers

At Lipotype, we’re not just a team; we’re a fascinating combination of diverse background and distinct individual personalities. We decided to unveil the concealed layers and explore the fascinating mosaic that talks about us. Guided by curiosity and laced with a touch of humor, we have devised an engaging survey to answer the fundamental question: Who are we, really?

Night owls vs. Early Birds

Our first exciting discovery was the coexistence of night owls and early birds within our team. Among us, there are 9 night owls and 16 early birds. Fortunately, our flexible work schedule ensures that both nocturnal hours and the morning moments are imbued with the same enchantment of Lipotype’s unique energy.

Wanna cuppa?

Irrespective of when the day commences, the ritual of enjoying a cup of coffee or tea remains consistent for many. A mere 8% of us lean towards tea over coffee, while the majority hold a penchant for coffee. Interestingly, 40% of us don’t particularly mind either choice.

Beach or mountain?

Following hard work, the yearning for vacation becomes universal. The preferences among Lipotypers prove diverse: 16% harbor a preference for beaches, 40% for the harmonious combination of mountains and beaches, 36% seek adventure amidst the mountains, and 8% aspire to unwind on their balconies.

Adventurer or planner?

Speaking of holidays, let’s talk about holiday styles: we’ve got 11 fearless adventurers who thrive on spontaneous escapades, chasing the thrill wherever it takes them. On the flip side, there are 14 meticulous planners, armed with color-coded itineraries and backup plans for their backup plans. This unique blend of innovative thinkers and meticulous analyzers is the cornerstone of our success and exceptional teamwork.

Time travel preferences

While preferences in planning holidays may differ, one thing is for certain: embarking on a journey through time without a clear destination doesn’t sound enticing. To this end, 62.5% of Lipotypers express a desire to journey into the future, while 37.5% harbor a wish to revisit the past, if granted the ability.

At its core, Lipotype represents a captivating fusion of varied backgrounds and distinctive characters, revealed as we delve into hidden aspects. The mixture of night owls and early birds, coffee devotees and tea aficionados, along with diverse vacation inclinations, crafts a profound mosaic of individual uniqueness.

Stay tuned for the “Who are we?” Part.2 where we dive deeper into our tastes!

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