Advancing Your Career: Meet Marta Vicini

Marta’s love for science was matched only by her desire to see it put into action. She was determined to take her knowledge out of the classroom and into the real world, and that’s why she chose to undertake her master’s thesis project with Lipotype – the perfect opportunity to turn theory into practice. What would she discover? What new frontiers would she explore? The possibilities were endless, and Marta was ready to embrace them all. We would like you to meet Marta Vicini, a student assistant at Lipotype.

“I’m a person who thrives on energy and movement – that’s why I’ve been a cheerleader since my college days. But science has always been my passion too, and I knew that I wanted to channel that passion into a career that was just as dynamic and exciting.”

Marta Vicini, Student Assistant

Breaking boundaries: exploring new horizons.

Marta’s passion for biotechnology began during her undergraduate studies at the University of Genoa. But as much as she loved her home city, she couldn’t help feeling restless. She yearned to explore new horizons and test herself in unfamiliar territory. And so, with a heart full of determination and a head full of dreams, she set her sights on studying abroad.

It wasn’t an easy decision. Marta came from a big, tight-knit family, and the idea of leaving everything she knew behind was daunting. But she was driven by a desire to prove herself and to find her own way in the world. As she packed her bags and prepared to embark on a new adventure.

“They say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (laugh).”

Beyond the lab

During her time at TU Dresden, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of biotechnology and molecular bioengineering. She is now eager to put her education to the test by working in a real-world setting, which is why she has decided to join the Lipotype team as a student assistant on a research project. The project Marta is working on aims to optimize lipid extraction protocols for samples with low lipid content and high salt content, which can be difficult to analyze via mass spectrometry. By using solid-phase separation techniques, Marta and the rest of the team will be working to expand the range of samples that can be analyzed, thereby offering more comprehensive and accurate analysis services.

What is Mass Spectrometry?

Mass spectrometry is a highly sophisticated method and an indispensable tool for analyzing molecules and unlocking the secrets of the molecular world. In order to analyze the molecules, they have to be charged by a process called ionization. The charged molecules then can be separated with electromagnets in the mass spectrometer and detected. By analyzing the resulting data, researchers can identify and quantify the molecules present in the sample. Because mass spectrometry can provide this information even for small quantities, it is ideally suited for various applications in the fields of chemistry, biology and medicine. Among others, it is applied to understand the influence of lifestyle and diseases by using the molecular information of lipids, metabolites and proteins which form and act in the human body.

Stepping out of comfort zone

As Marta described her experience with Lipotype, her face lit up with excitement. She saw the opportunity as a chance to expand her knowledge and learn new things while also immersing herself in the environment of a company outside of academia.

Marta spoke about how stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something new in the industry was a great first step toward achieving her future goals. She felt that Lipotype was the perfect place to gain more insights and develop the skills she would need to pursue her career aspirations.

It was clear that Marta was filled with a sense of adventure and excitement about the possibilities that lay ahead. She was eager to embrace the challenges that Lipotype would present and was confident that this experience would help her grow both personally and professionally.

Life at Lipotype

Not only is Marta a dedicated student of molecular bioengineering, but she’s also a fitness fanatic who’s always looking to challenge herself. That’s why Marta was thrilled to learn that Lipotype values the health and wellness of its employees. Not only does Lipotype encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle, but they also have a Lipo-Fitness session every Monday where one person organizes the High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) program. Marta was excited to participate in this weekly fitness routine and even prepared her own workout session to share with her colleagues. According to the participants who attended her session, they were feeling the burn for a few days afterward.

Marta’s career tip: Don’t be afraid to take the bull by the horns!

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that being proactive is key. Lipotype was on my radar for ages, but I knew I couldn’t sit back and wait for them to come to me. So, I rolled up my sleeves, sent out some emails, and landed myself an interview. Simple as that! My advice to any budding scientists out there? Don’t be afraid to take the bull by the horns – you never know where it might take you!”

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