Promotion News: CEO of Lipotype Inc. & Head of Marketing

We are thrilled to announce that Oliver has taken on his new role as CEO of Lipotype Inc. and Henri Deda has been promoted to Head of Marketing in the Marketing department.


Oliver Uecke has been named the CEO of Lipotype Inc. in the US. Oliver’s leadership and business acumen have been instrumental in driving growth and innovation at Lipotype. His appointment as CEO in the US reflects the company’s confidence in his ability to bring that same level of success to US operations.

In his new role, Oliver will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of Lipotype Inc.’s business in the US, including strategy, operations, and financial performance. He will also continue to play a pivotal role as COO in the Lipotype head office in Germany by working closely with local professionals and leaders.

“I am truly grateful for the hard work, dedication, and resilience that each and every one of Lipotype team members has been bringing to the table up to date. And I am confident that we will continue to pave the way for an even brighter future with Lipotype Inc.,” Oliver said.

We are excited to see what Oliver will bring to his new role as CEO of Lipotype Inc. in the US, and are confident that he will continue to drive the company’s success in this new capacity.


Henri joined the company as a Student Assistant almost 6 years ago and has advanced progressively through more responsible positions in the Marketing department, where he has played a key role in overseeing the general marketing strategy, ranging from market and customer analysis, content marketing, performance marketing, automatized lead generation, branding, and brand development and affiliate marketing to event marketing.

In his new role as Head of Marketing, Henri will be responsible for leading the marketing team and driving the company’s marketing strategy. He has already demonstrated strong leadership skills and a keen understanding of the industry, and we have no doubt that he will excel in this new position.

“I am really glad to have been put in this new position as Head of Marketing, where I can continue to learn from the marketing squad and inspire them as well!” Henri said.

We are thrilled to have Henri as a part of the leadership team and can’t wait to see all he will accomplish in this new role.

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