Lipotype performed lipid analysis of bacteria for future antimicrobial strategies

What happened

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a multi-drug resistant bacteria, and can cause serious illnesses such as pneumonia or sepsis syndromes. The publication from TU Braunschweig shows that, when grown under unaerobic biofilm conditions, the bacterium produces less of a protein, which binds specifically to the central hub of phospholipid metabolism.

With Lipotype shotgun lipidomics, a diverse response of Pseudomonas aeruginosa at the lipid head group and fatty acid level was demonstrated. This increased the susceptibility to a wide range of antibiotics which is important for the future development of new antimicrobial strategies.

Read the full publication

A phosphatidic acid-binding protein is important for lipid homeostasis and adaptation to anaerobic biofilm conditions in Pseudomonas aeruginosa – Biochemical Journal, 2018
Maike K Gronewald, Marco Massmig, Stefanie Hebecker, Linna Danne, Zofia Magnowska, Manfred Nimtz, Franz Narberhaus, Dieter Jahn, Dirk W Heinz, Lothar Jänsch, Jürgen Moser

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Dr. Christian Klose, head of research and development at Lipotype, will present at XPOMET convention this Thursday.

Starting tomorrow, the XPOMET will take place in Leipzig, Germany. The XPOMET convention focuses on interdiscliplinary and novel approaches to advance healthcare and medicine. It will feature topic-specific think tanks, discussions and the Future Health Exhibition. More than 80 speakers will present to the up to 2000 attendees.
The XPOMET is the first and only event of its kind.

Come and listen!
What – Innovative lipid analysis for industrial and academic applications
When – Thursday, 22nd March at 1:30 pm
Where – StageX Biotech & New Pharma

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XPOMET convention program 2018 (EN)

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Kai Simons, founder and CEO of Lipotype, has been following the development of omic science for decades. His lifelong experience as well as his proficiency in lipids and lipidomics has led him to a detailed review.

The published article “How can Omic Science be improved?” critically analyzes the shortcomings of modern omic science, which yet could not fulfill its promise of a paradigm shift in medicine and biology. Bot, scientific evolution and present challenges of this field of research are taken into account to picture the overall view.

While the article itself focuses on lipidomics, Kai Simon’s field of expertise, all lessons learned can be applied generally to omic science.

Read the full article here:
How can Omic Science be improved? – Proteomics Journal, 2018
Kai Simons

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New Year – New Job? We are hiring a Management and Team Assistant (f/m) – Full/Part-time in Dresden, Germany

Lipotype is an innovative lipidomics provider located in Dresden. We are looking for an assistant to support our start-up team. You will be responsible for the complete office management as well as support for the management and for various business activities (e.g. marketing, accounting) of the company.

Who you are

You are a highly organized and reliable person with a professional background and experience as management and team assistant or equivalent business-related training. You possess strong time management skills and know how to prioritise. You are service-oriented and like to communicate and mix with people. Fluency in German and English is a prerequisite as well as excellent communication skills in speech and writing.

Who we are

Lipotype is a spin-off company from the Kai Simons and Andrej Shevchenko labs of the world-renowned Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany. Lipotype delivers comprehensive lipid analysis services for clinical and biological samples. Lipotype offers high quality lipid analysis services worldwide for a broad range of customers and applications including biomarker identification for clinical researchers, pharma and biotech companies, functional food development for the food industry, claim support for the cosmetics industry, as well as for the small-scale profiling needs of academic researchers. We are developing novel methods for measuring human health.

Please send your application to If you have further questions, please contact Ines Kästner ().

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Join our Lipotype team to realize our joint vision of lipidomics for a better life.

Lipotype’s customer Lyomark Pharma announces partnership

Lyomark Pharma, a customer of Lipotype, announces a partnership with Aerogen Pharma to develop an inhaled surfactant for the treatment of preterm infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS). At the same time clinical trials with the new delivery system have been initiated and the first patients have been recruited. Read more in the press release of Lyomark and Aerogen:

Read more in the press release of Lyomark and Aerogen here:
Aerogen Pharma and Lyomark Pharma partner to develop inhaled surfactant, begin a Phase 2 clinical trial

Meet the Lipotype team until the end of 2017!

02.-06. December 2017
 ASCB 2017, Philadelphia, USA 
We will attend ASCB 2017! Come and visit us at our booth 1100!

Or attend the Tech Talk of Dr. Michal Surma  on the 4th of December at 8:15am about Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics technology for comprehensive, high throughput lipid analysis located in Theater 2.


12.-14. November 2017
 3. Lipidomics Forum, Borstel, Germany 
We will be poster price sponsor of this lipidomics event just as last year. Dr. Ronny Herzog, Head of Software Development, will announce the winner of the best poster. 


06.-08. November 2017
Bio-Europe, Berlin, Germany 
Dr. Oliver Uecke, Head of Business Development and Finance and Dr. Christian Klose, Head of Research and Development, will attend the 23rd Annual International Partnering Conference. Contact us for an one-to-one Meeting!


23.-25. October 2017
24th Conference of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, Seoul, South Korea
Lipotype will be present at the IFSCC 2017.Come and visit us at booth #24! On the 25th of October 2017, Dr. Christian Klose, Head of Research and Development, will give a presentation about Innovative Lipid Analysis for Cosmetics and Dermatology Applications at 10:50 am. 


If you want to schedule an individual meeting drop us a line

Lipid analysis for early stages of drug discovery: Customer Reference Flagship VentureLabs

Lipotype performed lipid analysis for Flagship VentureLabs with the aim to better understand molecular compositions of chondrisomes, pharmaceutically active derivatives of mitochondria. The research of Flagship VentureLabs is on novel ways of preparation of chondrisomes that have beneficial structural characteristics, yield, concentration, stability, viability, integrity, or function. The lipidomic results facilitated the characterization of isolated chondrisomes in order to evaluate their quality and subsequently were used to file a recently published patent application.

Read more  

Read the patent application here
Methods and Compositions of Chondrisomes – United States Patent Application 20170151287, 2017
G A Von Maltzahn, J M Milwid, M Mee, J R Rubens, D Chess, K Trudeau, K Mahdaviani, J Feala

Skin lipidomics: a tool for understanding skin aging at the molecular level

Lipotype published in SOFW Journal about skin lipidomics to better understand skin aging

The lipid composition of human skin is essential for its function; however the simultaneous quantification of a wide range of skin lipids, belonging to both stratum corneum and sebum, is not trivial. Recently we developed a new, “shotgun” mass spectrometry-based method characterized by a broad coverage of lipids, absolute quantitation, high reproducibility and high-throughput providing comprehensive insight into skin lipid composition [1].

We applied this method in a large-scale study of natural lipid variability of human skin. In this study we analyzed samples from 104 individuals of both sexes of different ages. We discovered gradual changes in the skin lipidome correlated with age but no sex-specific differences. Our novel method enables detailed and broad insights into skin lipidomes, both in terms of lipidome coverage and sample number. Therefore, skin shotgun lipidomics has the potential to become useful in studies related to skin aging and anti-aging product claims support.

Read more: 
Click her to read the full article in SOFW Journal

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[1] Large-scale human skin lipidomics by quantitative, high-throughput shotgun mass spectrometry – Scientific Reports, 2017
Tomasz Sadowski, Christian Klose, Mathias J. Gerl, Anna Wójcik-MaciejewiczRonny HerzogKai SimonsAdam Reich, Michal A. Surma