Multiomics approaches are on their way to revolutionize medicine and biology. Being major players in cardiovascular disease research, genomics and lipidomics are perfectly suited for a joint multiomics approach. Combining genomic risk prediction with lipidomic phenotyping will result in an effective payoff.

This whitepaper will answer how linking the lipid phenotype to the genotype will improve performance and showcase immediate and future consequences for prevention, clinical diagnostics and drug research.


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We guide you through a multiomics approach to associate genomic data with lipidomic data to link metabolic cardiovascular disease risk factors with genomic predestinations. It includes:

  • A detailed, compelling guide to the decision making process to tackle the question which omics disciplines should be combined.
  • The most comprehensive SNP-based heritability estimation to answer whether lipid species levels can be inherited.
  • One selected prime example for how lipidomics data can be combined with genomic data for interconnected disease risk factors.
  • A comparison of lipidomics analysis and traditional lipid panel capabilities for clinical diagnostics including the corresponding unprecedented data panel.


Get the free White Paper about Multiomics. Just fill out the form!

Get the free White Paper about Multiomics. Just fill out the form!

Applications for Multiomics

  • Genomics-lipidomics studies for drug target discovery
  • Proteomics-lipidomics skin analysis for novel cosmetics and dermatology
  • Genomics-proteomics-lipidomics complex analysis for basic research
  • And many more!
»We could see things never seen before.«
Prof. Kai Simons, CEO of Lipotype

About Lipotype

Lipotype delivers comprehensive, absolutely quantitative lipid analysis services for clinical and biological samples on a high-throughput scale. Drawing on many years of cutting edge research experience, Lipotype offers high quality lipid analysis services for a wide range of customers and applications including biomarker identification for clinical researchers, pharma and biotech companies, functional food development for the food industry, claim support for the cosmetics industry, as well as for the small-scale profiling needs of academic researchers.

Lipotype is a spin-off company from the Kai Simons and Andrej Shevchenko labs of the world-renowned Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany.