COVID-19: Research Continues

We have taken appropriate measures to ensure the safety of everyone at Lipotype and her/his family. Nearly all of us are working from home. The analytical team keeps the machines running in order to ensure business works normally.

Q&A Section

We continue to receive samples, analyze them and send out the data as usual. We compiled the following Q&A summarizing the status quo:

Will Lipotype have to take further measures which will affect my research?

We are following the development of this pandemic and adjust our analytical operations as necessary to ensure that you receive your lipidomics data. Any changes that will affect your project will be immediately communicated to you.

Are your project managers available for scientific and project management consultation?

Yes, our team is available as usual to support your research project.

Do you still accept new samples?

Yes, we continue receiving samples.

Do you accept samples from COVID-19-related projects?

Yes. According to German regulations, with its Biosafety Level 2 (BSL 2) laboratories Lipotype is allowed to conduct analytical testing of samples related to SARS-CoV-2. We will support research projects which aim to overcome this pandemic with a reduced turnover time. We offer a “turbo delivery option” which is reducing the standard delivery time (for most projects 6 weeks) by 50%. This option is offered for free.

When should I send my samples?

Please send your samples according to the timeline discussed with us.

Is my preferred courier provider affected by COVID-19?

We continue receiving samples from customers worldwide. Please consult your preferred courier provider or visit their website for shipment updates.

We recommend sending your samples by World Courier. Please find the global contacts here.

Will the analysis of my samples be delayed?

No, our lipidomics analyses run as usual.

Will I receive my lipidomics data in time?

Yes, we continue to deliver your lipidomics data in time. There can be changes from one day to another which can delay delivery times of the results. We will immediately contact you if future developments affect your lipidomics data delivery date.

I accidently sent samples from confirmed COVID-19 cases. What do I need to do?

Please notify us immediately. We will contact the German health department to coordinate our actions.

Contact Form

We are working to ensure that your research and our mission are not interrupted by what we help to fight: disease. Contact us to discuss your lipidomics needs.