A quick introduction to Lipidomics.

Why Lipids?

Lipids are important building blocks of life – Lipidomics is the study of lipids in biological systems. They have many different biological functions. Their main function is to form the matrix of our cell membranes where they support a variety of functions essential for life. But lipids also store energy, they serve as hormones and signalling molecules.

Lipid is a generic name for different lipid classes, comprising thousands of different lipid molecules. Each lipid is chemically different and thus equipped with different functional properties.

Lipid Analysis
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Why are lipids important?

Recent studies have demonstrated that lipids are not only involved in cardiovascular disease (cholesterol!) and obesity, but they also play an important role in Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, diabetes, and hypertension. To identify the lipid molecules concerned – the culprits – is the task of lipidomics. Like sequencing DNA in genomics, lipidomics has developed technology to analyse the lipid composition in cells and body fluids.

Lipidomics is not only interesting for basic research and clinical diagnostics. It can also be used to develop functional food and nutraceuticals or to test cosmetic products dermatologically. However, until now lipidomics was time-consuming, work-intensive or not detailed enough to do a good job.

What is unique about Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics?

We live in exciting times. Technological progress now makes it possible for the first time to analyse lipids with unprecedented precision.

Based on many years of research by the laboratories of professor Kai Simons and Dr Andrej Shevchenko, Lipotype was founded and shotgun mass spectrometry was developed to analyse hundreds of lipids in only a few minutes with absolute quantification.

This effective routine of shotgun lipidomics became possible by introducing a unique workflow that combined improved extraction protocols with cutting edge mass spectrometry and proprietary software. Our interdisciplinary team has experts in biology, chemistry, robotics and informatics, all trained at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden with several years of lipid experience and this is unique world-wide!

Unrivaled speed: Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics
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What is our vision for lipidomics?

The new quality of shotgun lipidomics will make it possible to identify clinically relevant biomarkers on a scale that is unprecedented. This will be the basis for novel optimized products in different areas, including multi-parameter diagnostics, drug development, nutrition, cosmetics or industrial biotechnology.

Our services will provide unrivalled tools for our clients to develop products with a significant competitive edge.


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One more thing!

What else makes Lipotype unique? We are the world champions in lipid rafting! What does this mean? Our cell membranes are full of nano scale rafts, which float around in the lipid bilayer and function as platforms in many cellular processes. This is one reason why we need cholesterol because rafts are glued together by cholesterol.

We envisage rafts as key elements in human diseases.