Announcement of the Praemed.Bio Symposium 2020

The symposium on the regional innovative Wachstumskern Praemed.Bio will take place on-line and in English on 29.10.2020.


In the BMBF-funded growth core “Praemed.Bio”, an innovative modular and fully automated analysis system (Praemed.Bio-Scan) and suitable test systems for tumor diagnostics will be developed by experts from clinics, research and industry. This is the basis for personalized diagnostics.

At the Praemed.Bio Symposium, experts from various fields will exchange ideas on customized cancer therapies with each other.

Additionally, the International Biotech Innovation Days 2020 (27.10.-29.10.2020) will take place online in parallel to the Praemed.Bio Symposium. Experts from the fields of bioanalytics, biomedical and translational research, autoimmune diagnostics, digitalization and engineering will come together and address relevant topics.


1 – Press Release: Announcement of the Praemed.Bio Symposium 2020
2 – Agenda & Registration: Find more information about the program and register for free

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