COVID-19, a Malaria Treatment and Lipidomics

A famous malaria treatment has been debated as a medical option in preventive measures against COVID-19. Prominent figures continued to market the malaria medicine as a quick breakthrough to combat the pandemic. However, the debate was fierce from the beginning.

Lipidomics data does not support medication
New data shows that a famous malaria treatment limits the trained immune response. This causes the treated organism to become more susceptible to pathogens attacking the immune system. Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics delivered the decisive data: significant changes in cellular lipid metabolism linked to the induction of trained immunity on functional and epigenetic level.

Lipids are key to combating COVID-19
Viruses, whether influenza or corona, affect the fat metabolism of their host. Their membrane consists of lipids and they have to replicate these with the help of the lipid metabolism of their host in order to protect their genetic material. Lipids could therefore also be part of the explanation for the side and after-effects that are now increasingly seen in corona patients.


1 – Press Release (ENG): COVID-19, a Malaria Treatment and Lipidomics
2 – Press Release (DEU): COVID-19, eine Malaria-Behandlung und Lipidomics
3 – Publication: Inhibition of trained immunity – implications for COVID-19

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