LEA Jury announces Winners of LEA 2019

LEA, the Lipidomics Excellence Award, was founded to strengthen life sciences through lipidomics. Over the course of April, the LEA jury deliberated on the submitted projects to announce the three LEA awardees.

LEA 2019 research prizes
LEA, promotes researchers who are eager to contribute to the progress of life sciences with generous research prizes. The winner of the first prize receives a trophy, 50,000 EUR worth of analysis services and a speaking slot to present their results at the EMBO workshop “Lipid function in health and disease” as well as coverage of the logistical costs to participate in the workshop. The second prize winner is awarded a lipidomics analysis worth 10,000 EUR; the third prize winner is acknowledged by a 1,500 EUR analysis package. (All lipidomics analysis packages are provided by Lipotype GmbH.)

The independent LEA jury composed of Britta Brügger, Pietro De Camilli, Ari Helenius and Kai Simons discussed vividly the LEA 2019 applications. After a month of deliberation, they decided on the following three scientists and their research projects.

The winners are…
1. Prize of LEA 2019 goes to…
Prof. Anne-Claude Gavin and her lipid-transfer research project. She will investigate lipid movements to develop the first molecular cartography of lipid “highways”.

2. Prize of LEA 2019 is awarded to…
Dr. Oliver Schmidt and his newly discovered EGAD protein degradation pathway. He will research how EGAD influences lipid metabolism to improve our understanding of cellular homeostasis.

3. Prize of LEA was won by…
Prof. Sarah L. Keller for her research in membranes of yeast. She will investigate how lipids drive domain formation in cell membranes.

All research project details are outlined here.


Press Release: LEA Jury announces Winners of LEA 2019
Press Release: LEA Jury gibt Sieger des LEA 2019 bekannt

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