Lipidomics: A Rising Star in Omics Research

Technology Networks published a new introductory article on lipidomics last week. They spoke to Dr. Christian Klose about applications in the field of lipid research and to Henri Deda about LEA, the new Lipidomics Excellence Award.

The article in short
The article provides a brief introduction to the research field of lipids: lipidomics. Summarizing recent developments and challenges of the past, granting an overview on today’s lipidomics technology and discussing the broad field of lipidomics applications in detail, the article is a short and entertaining read. Dr Christian Klose, Head of Research and Development at Lipotype, comments on various aspects providing examples for current research and product developments in various industries and academia. To complete the picture of current developments in lipidomics, the motivation to found and organize the Lipidomics Excellence Award finishes off the article.

Lipidomics Excellence Award
LEA, the Lipidomics Excellence Award, has been created to promote, support and strengthen researchers who are eager to contribute to the progress of life sciences through lipidomics. Up to three individuals with ongoing research are awarded with comprehensive research prizes to support their projects. Applications are open to all researchers who are eager to strengthen life sciences through lipidomics. Call for applications is open till March 30, 2019.

LEA is supported by LIPID MAPS, SwissLipids and Lipotype; the media LABO, the Journal of Lipid Research and transkript aligned themselves with LEA too.


Technology Networks Article: Lipidomics – A Rising Star in “OMICS” Research
Press Release: Lipotype Launches first global Lipidomics Excellence Award

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