Lipotype launches first global Lipidomics Excellence Award

Lipotype announces LEA, the Lipidomics Excellence Award, for breakthrough lipidomics projects. Call for applications is open till March 30, 2019.

LEA at a glance
LEA has been created to promote, support and strengthen researchers who are eager to contribute to the progress of life sciences through lipidomics.

Up to three individuals with ongoing research are awarded with comprehensive research prizes to support their projects. Applications are open to all researchers who are eager to strengthen life sciences through lipidomics.

The awardees are selected by a panel composed of internationally renown members of academia, each of them recognized as leading experts in their respective fields.

LEA is supported by LIPID MAPS, SwissLipids and Lipotype.

The first prize
The winner of the first prize will receive 55,000 EUR worth of analysis services in order to put their idea to test. The awardee will be presenting their research at an internationally leading experts summit for lipids and lipidomics, the EMBO Workshop “Lipid function in health and disease” in Dresden (Sept 27th – 30th, 2019). A press conference will be held to present the project and formally handover the LEA 2019 trophy.

How to apply
Individual researchers from academia and industry and their ongoing projects can apply for LEA 2019. Applicants are asked to outline their idea for a project or research approach whose results they think can be boosted by a detailed lipid analysis. All applications shall be submitted until March 30, 2019 via the online submission form.


Press Release: Lipotype Launches first global Lipidomics Excellence Award – ENG
Press Release: Lipotype startet den ersten weltweiten Lipidomics Excellence Award – DEU
Online Submission Form

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