Press Release: Lipotype and Lipoid celebrate their joint IFSCC 2018 Poster Success

Lipotype and Lipoid presented a joint poster featuring the core findings of their skin lipidome research at IFSCC 2018 in Munich. Overwhelmingly positive feedback resulted in placing the poster among the top 10 of all IFSCC 2018 posters.

A successful congress and a great poster
The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists is dedicated to international cooperation in cosmetic science and technology. This year’s congress was about “Cosmetics: Science for Beauty and Lifestyle”.

Lipotype and Lipoid chose the IFSCC to present their findings as the congress focuses on exploring what modern society wants from cosmetics and dermatology. This represents both companies’ consumer oriented research best, which was confirmed on-site by the great feedback of those who visited the poster. Ultimately, the IFSCC committee chose to rank the joint poster of Lipotype and Lipoid among the top 10 of all IFSCC 2018 posters.

The project in short
Lipoid conducted this novel study to investigate skin penetration properties of dermal formulations based on hydrogenated phospholipids. For the first time, the quantitative analysis of both exogenous phospholipids and endogenous skin lipids within a single measurement was demonstrated. The results confirm the properties of hydrogenated phospholipids to penetrate and accumulate in upper epidermal layers. Based on these findings, Lipoid will conduct further investigations to improve delivery and fixation of cosmetic actives.

About Lipoid
Founded over 40 years ago, Lipoid is leading in the development and industrial production of high quality lecithin and phospholipids not only for the pharmaceutical, but also for the cosmetic and dietetic industry. Lipoid is the only company worldwide offering the whole range of natural and synthetic phospholipids in industrial scale. Environmental protection and sustainability determines the company’s strategy within all phases of the value chain. This long-standing expertise, in combination with the exceptional quality of the products enables the customers to develop and market innovative products for the benefit of the general public.


Press release: IFSCC 2018 poster success – Joint poster selected Top 10 of all IFSCC posters

IFSCC 2018 poster: The effect of saturated phospholipids on human skin as assessed by shotgun lipidomic analysis

IFSCC 2018 poster ranking

Customer reference: Lipid analysis for skin penetration properties of saturated phospholipids

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