Dry facial skin from different ethnic groups

Even though decades of moisturizer development have passed, dry facial skin remains a major concern for consumers. Thus, DSM’s aim was to understand more precisely the underlying biochemistry, particularly of the maturation of the stratum corneum and its relation to facial photodamage, skin pigmentation and ethnicity. In contrast to traditional research of skin analyte composition, a more revolutionary ‘omic’ approach was applied.

With its mass spectrometry-based Shotgun Skin Lipidomics technology Lipotype delivered lipid analysis of the ceramidome, the entirety of ceramides. The results precisely highlight changes in ceramide composition and distribution which help to explain the differences in facial skin barrier function, hydration and stratum corneum maturation, but also the skin care need of the differently pigmented skin types.

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Phenotypic changes in the corneome and ceramidome of photodamaged dry facial stratum corneum from different ethnic groups – International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, 2018
R Voegeli, J M Monneuse, C Klose, R Schoop, B Summers, T Rudolph, A V Rawlings