Farther than fat – Lipidomics in biotech/pharma

Lipotype contributed to an article about lipidomics in biotech and pharma on Technology Networks.

The article in short

Interest in lipidomics has been reignited for both, academia and industry. To cope with that, the article sums up various aspects, developments and differences in lipidomics technology. Such as Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics technology.

Dr. Christian Klose, Head of Research and Development at Lipotype, had been interviewed to explain how to address the needs and questions of academia and industry. In the end, two researchers from academia and he give brief insights into the future of lipidomics. Both, research- and technology-wise.

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Lipidomics in Biotech and Pharma: Farther than Fat
Ruairi J Mackenzie

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