lipid analysis for skin penetration properties of saturated phospholipids

Lipotype put online a new skin lipidomics customer reference with Lipoid about lipid analysis for skin penetration properties of saturated phospholipids.

What is skin lipidomics

The physiology of skin derives from its structure and composition of its topmost layer, where cells are glued together by lipids. Their composition is influenced by natural conditions, such as age and gender, but also various diseases. Lipotype Skin Shotgun Lipidomics Technology provides the tools to investigate how the healthy skin lipidome is composed, how it changes in diseases or upon intervention with a drug or a cosmetic product. This lipidomic data can be used for cosmetic claim support, topical drug development and personalized cosmetics.

The project in short

Lipoid conducted this novel study to investigate skin penetration properties of dermal formulations based on hydrogenated phospholipids. Common to all topically used phospholipids is their ability to interact with skin structures and the similarity to epidermal lipids. For the first time, the quantitative analysis of both exogenous phospholipids and endogenous skin lipids within a single measurement was demonstrated. The results confirm the properties of hydrogenated phospholipids to penetrate and accumulate in upper epidermal layers. Lipotype performed lipid analysis of phospholipids of an applied formulation, especially focusing on phosphatidylcholine.

About Lipoid

Phospholipids are widespread functional ingredients, not only in pharmaceutical formulations, but in cosmetic and dietetic products as well. Lipoid was the first to offer a wide variety of phospholipids for use in the production of drug products. Today, the majority of approved drugs containing phospholipids are prepared using raw materials from Lipoid. Based on these findings, Lipoid will conduct further investigations to improve delivery and fixation of an active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Find the full customer reference

Customer reference Lipoid: lipid analysis for skin penetration properties of saturated phospholipids

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