How lipids change biological research

Lipotype published a German article about lipidomics in the LABO magazine.

About LABO magazine

The German magazine LABO publishes application-oriented and competent articles about products and services for industry and research laboratories. With its writings, it connects people and markets, providing precisely all necessary information for daily work in the area of analytics and lab technology.

The article in short

The article sums up the recent developments and changes in lipids and lipidomics research and provides a brief summary of Lipotype’s services and history. Finally, it focuses on the conclusion that lipids may have a strong impact on the not so far future of medicare and personalized medicine. This opinion piece in the end is accompanied by two examples of current research publications.

Read the full article

Wie Lipide die biologische Forschung verändern – Die Revolution der Fette
Christian Klose, Henri Deda

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