The new Lipidomics Resource Center

With great research comes great science

We strive for scientific excellence. But all science on earth is just as good, as the research which precedes it. Which is why we have been discussing solutions to provide better access to lipidomics publications – for free, to everybody.

Over the course of the last months, we developed a new platform: the Lipidomics Resource Center. Let us show you how it empowers your research!

What you can do

You can use the Lipidomics Resource Center to search all uploaded publications and their abstracts for authors and journals or anything else. (You can even include all worldwide available lipidomics publications on!) Or, filter all uploaded publications with our in-depth tag system by dimensions like sample type or research application. Even reading the full abstract without leaving the platform is possible.

There are yet more things you can do with the Lipidomics Resource Center. Just go and play with it. Over time, we will make improvements and add new publications and features. We want you to discover the world of lipidomics research in an unprecedented way – an easy one.

Check out the Lipidomics Resource Center

Visit the Lipidomics Resource Center today and empower your lipidomics research!

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