Cellular lipid metabolism and tissue development

KU Leuven
Rose E. Goodchild Lab

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The group of Rose E. Goodchild from VIB Centre for the Biology of Disease (KU Leuven, Belgium) investigated the role of dTorsin – a developmentally essential AAA+ protein, in D. melanogaster. The group showed that dTorsin is required for the fat body development and is a previously unrecognized regulator of cellular lipid metabolism. The researchers presented that the dTorsin activity is localized in the ER-system membranes and that it directly acts on lipid metabolism via suppression of the Lipin enzyme. These fi ndings have implications on understanding the role of Torsins in neurological disorder such us DYT1 dystonia. The cooperation between the Goodchild Group and Lipotype shows the importance of complex lipid analysis in investigating developmental processes occurring in tissues.
About the Rose E. Goodchild Lab from VIB Centre for the Biology of Disease at KU Leuven, Belgium

The Rose Goodchild laboratory investigates the pathophysiology of dystonia – an incapacitating neurological movement disorder of poorly understood origin; using cell culture and mouse models, as well as fruit fl y models.


Torsins Are Essential Regulators of Cellular Lipid Metabolism – Developmental Cell, 2016

Grillet M, Dominguez Gonzalez B, Sicart A, Pöttler M, Cascalho A, Billion K, Hernandez Diaz S, Swerts J, Naismith T, Gunko N, Verstreken P, Hanson P, Goodchild R