Successful April! — Articles published

Lipotype collaborated with the groups of Pietro DeCamilli (Yale University School of Medicine) and Ilya Levental (University of Texas) and the results of our lipidomics analysis are now part of their freshly published papers in “Nature Cell Biology” and “Biophysical Journal”. Congratulations!

  • Y. Saheki et al.: “Control of plasma membrane lipid homeostasis by the extended synaptotagmins.”  Access to the paper
  • K. Levental et al.: “Polyunsaturated Lipids Regulate Membrane Domain Stability by Tuning Membrane Order”  Access to the paper

Gratulation also to our employee Dr. Mathias Gerl who published an article about: “Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Lyase Deficient Cells as a Tool to Study Protein Lipid Interactions” in PLOS ONE  Access to the paper

In the current issue of Transkript / LABORWELT Dr. Anke Kopacek (DiagnostikNet-BB e.V., Hennigsdorf) wrote an article about: “Automation im Dienste innovativer Diagnostik” (in German). Lipotype is mentioned as an example for a novel high-throughput OMICS technology for lipid biomarker identification.   Access to the article (see p.IV)

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